AFC Mission:

To create solutions, through the manufacture of ergonomically designed furniture and technology related products, that increases productivity and alleviates the physical stress in the workplace. When we say that our units adapt to your environment, we are deadly serious.

Who we are

Since 1994, when our founders welded together their first piece of steel, AFC Industries has been a manufacturer and innovator in the field of ergonomic furniture solutions crafted for the ultimate in safety, adaptability, comfort and functionality. A certified woman-owned business, with an equally diverse work force, AFC prides itself on its Customer Centric approach to tailored solutions; our Sustainability with green initiative recycling and conservation programs and our Customer Service during and after the sale.

Benefits of Working with AFC Industries
Design and Engineering

AFC’s industry trained engineers & designers work directly with you and your dedicated Account Staff in designing specifically to your requirements. Our products are ergonomically designed for maximum operator convenience.

  • Products that Adapt to You
  • Products that reduce stress
  • Products that reduce injury
  • Products that increase productivity
  • Products that increase the return on your most important asset – Human Capital