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Laptop Carts

laptop cart

Height Adjustable Laptop Cart

 Features and Benefits

AFC’s roster of durable, mobile laptop cart is designed for maximum flexibility, ease of movement and immediate point-of-care data access. These Workstations on Wheels are manufactured to meet the ergonomic needs of the end users while delivering consistent patient care, new efficiencies and cost savings.

Adjustable Laptop Cart

  • Sit-to-stand pneumatic height adjustment features.
  • A base footprint to fit any location: star-shaped, round base, H base or square base.
  • Depending upon the unit, four or five, 4 inch casters for mobility.
  • Safety locking system for Laptops.
  • Dual layer system: One level for your laptop and a second one for your desktop computer.
  • The ultimate in point-of-care mobility – Hot Swappable Batteries. Uninterrupted power is now available in all of our models.
  • For high traffic areas where the width and height of the base is crucial, a specially designed star-shaped base comes with our smallest footprints of 19 or 22 inches, and an overall height of less then 6 feet.
  • We use special 3 inch wheels for the star shaped base for added stability.

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Batteries-Power Supply Solution

Rolling Laptop Carts

Ergonomic Workstations on Wheels

In today’s healthcare arena, the ability to bring critical information to the needed Point of Care in all medical environments is no longer a wish, but a necessary reality. Gone are the scripts and slips of paper, usually misfiled, in massive cabinets. In its stead are Electronic Medical Records and immediate data retrieval technologies which allow clinicians to enhance patient care and deliver new efficiencies and cost savings.

As laptops and tablets have become more and more popular, medical practitioners duly require a compact and convenient platform that provides a durable work surface, optional storage capability, ease of movement and is ergonomically height-adjustable to meet the needs of the workforce population either in a seated or a standing position. Laptop Carts have become the answer.

Rolling laptop carts have become the most popular form of ergonomic equipment in hospitals today. In fact, according to HIMSS Analytics, over 88% of US Hospitals report some level of laptop cart adoption. These units have proven themselves to be very effective when real time data is required at the patients’ point of care location. In effect, these laptop computer carts on wheel help the doctors and nurses in providing a more consistent level of patient care because they do not have to disconnect from the patient to go elsewhere to use an electronic health record. It also means that the rest of the hospital system can work more efficiently because you do not have anyone waiting for the latest information on a patient whether it is to approve the start of a procedure, record their rounds, schedule follow-ups or even to start the patient discharge process. The laptop cart on wheels helps the entire system to move forward.

At AFC Industries, Inc. our laptop carts are manufactured to address all of the specifications, wants and wishes of the clinicians who interact daily with the patient population. As an example, a laptop computer cart needs to be strong and sturdy, yet light and mobile, and able to go anywhere within the facility. We have met these needs by building our laptop carts exclusively from cold-rolled steel, with five, three inch pivoting casters (the front two are locking), integrated handles and smooth round edges on the work surface and a star-shaped footprint of only 19 inches which easily moves the carts into and out of patients’ rooms.

Adjustable laptop cart need to ergonomically address the various heights of the workforce and provide comfortable conditions to avoid repetitive stress injuries. Our laptop carts are all pneumatically height adjustable with a smooth moving telescopic drive mechanism to satisfy most sit and stand-up situations. Our adjustable mobile laptop carts have sliding mouse trays that can accommodate left and right hand users.

Many of our mobile laptop cartmodels are equipped with Hot Swappable Batteries which affords the ultimate in point-of-care mobility. You can provide uninterrupted power to your laptop cart by simply swapping out the drained battery from the cart for a fully recharged from the recharging station for continuous workflow.

Today’s laptop computer cart can truly meet the advancing technological demands for immediate and efficient access to data and no matter what your need is, AFC can manufacture a solution for you.

PC Cart
Pole Cart
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